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We design new homes, 在大西雅图地区和太平洋西北地区进行改建和扩建.  Working closely with each client, betway中文版的目标是发现和创造一个个性化的住宅,以满足一个人的精神,是一个人的自我表达.  We bring a humanist design philosophy to our work, believing that “home” is so many things: a retreat, a sanctuary, a place for nurturing, and a place to gather with friends.

We use this philosophy to guide our designs, in a range of styles, paying careful heed to the site and context, environmental responsibility, and to our client’s goals and lifestyles. Whether contemporary or traditional, betway中文版的使命是为您设计一个永恒的家,成为您最想去的地方!

Craftsman Second Story

Originally built in 1913, this charming, 在过去的几十年里,位于西雅图一个老社区的朴实工匠之家已经“更新”了几次.  This was a single-story house with classic …

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Highcountry House

它就像一个瞭望台,坐落在山艾树高原上,俯瞰着高耸的沙漠和从下面穿过的大河, this contemporary getaway home is a serene retreat …

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Kirkland Mid Century Modern

这辆老式漫步车坐落在一座20世纪60年代的建筑工地,从未被人碰过. 多年来,附近的房屋被拆除,取而代之的是大盒子房,但是……

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Urban Farmhouse

这座迷人的老农舍是一对年轻夫妇的家,他们的两个淘气男孩喜欢园艺, get dirty, pester their chickens and run around outside as much as …

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The Neighborly Courtyard House

Read the Seattle Times Pacific NW Magazine article about this home! Having lived in this modest mid-century rambler for a few years, the owners had developed a deep love for …

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Bainbridge Island Farmhouse

Fulfilling a lifelong dream of building a home on their family’s land, our clients have recently moved in to their new home in the woods, surrounded by tall firs, fern …

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Daring Downsize

这是埃德蒙兹(Edmonds)的一个普通的漫步者的完全改造,betway中文版把它改造成了一个受日本影响的退休会所. 该设计结合了就地老化和通用设计策略,如no…

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Mid-Century Second Story

Remodeling this 50’s rambler entailed refreshing the main floor, plus an addition of a 2nd story Master Suite; all designed in a minimalist aesthetic to heighten the lush, retreat-like experience …

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Capitol Hill Old/New Fusion

这座简陋的、世纪之交的伐木工之家的长期主人已经准备好做一些重要的工作了. They wanted the house to match their upbeat lifestyle and transform it …

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Contemporizing a Grand Old Classic

When our clients purchased this gorgeous, old four square home in a leafy central Seattle neighbourhood, they knew it would be their “forever” home. It had been remodeled over the …

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Blue Ridge Lookout

This is a whole house  remodel of a classic 60’s rambler, capitalizing on the best of its mid-century roots. betway中文版的改造通过明确结构元素来增强这一深受喜爱的风格,…

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San Juan Islands Residence

这座位于圣胡安群岛(San Juan Islands)的新住宅坐落在一个可爱的乡村地产上,湖岸较低. 建筑与场地相呼应:人们通过树木走向……

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Northwest Mid-Century Classic

去年,betway中文版再次荣幸地参与了保罗·柯克的另一所房子的改造工作——这所房子位于西雅图北部的Innis Arden社区. The mid-century …

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Queen Anne Kitchen Remodel

This is a lovely old home with a front seat view overlooking Puget Sound. 它建于1906年,有着丰富的传统细节,但也有一些普通的老房子……

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Yarrow Creek Rambler

考虑到这个Bellevue房产的古老之美,betway中文版的改造重点是打开房子,尽可能地与外部连接, and to open up the …

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Craftsman Charmer

这里的挑战是在这个工匠小屋的基础上设计一个主人套房,同时又不压倒它. We opted to add above the garage in back so as to maintain …

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Mid-Life Move to a Mid-Century

With their two children fully launched, betway中文版的客户决定是时候离开他们的3800平方英尺的家庭住宅,缩小他们的日常生活. They found a modest mid-century rambler in …

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Respectful Remodel of a Paul Kirk Classic

betway中文版很荣幸地设计了另一个经典的西北住宅:由著名的Paul Kirk设计的中世纪住宅. This home was built in 1957 with over 3,000 sq ft, including …

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New Queen Anne Classic

这座新的安妮女王之家(现有的房子已被拆除)面对着普吉特湾广阔的视野,建筑风格是20世纪早期的传统工匠风格. Per the …

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The BIG View House

Read our blog series about this project! 业主希望从他们新购买的1950年的住宅中获得更多的空间,并最大限度地提高180°视野的潜力, so we added a …

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Queen Anne Four Square Redux

Home to a young, active family, betway中文版的目的是打开房间,更好地容纳非正式的, family-friendly lifestyle. An addition allowed for a big new …

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Kirkland Family Compound

This new house is designed for two families; the ground floor is an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) for the owner’s elderly parents. The owners will occupy the upper two levels, …

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Mid-Century Makeover

This was a typical, 疲惫的老“日光地下室”漫步者,享受着可爱的私人领地景观. 利用这个60年代建筑的经典现代线条,betway中文版的改造将房子精简了。

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Little House to Big House

这是西西雅图一座只有一间卧室的小房子的第二层. A new upper floor contains a master suite plus another bedroom, freeing the …

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River Run House

典型的西北漫步者的整栋房子的改造通过远景将住宅向外开放, courtyards, and large connecting open spaces. The owners hailed from Montana and wanted …

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Thornton Creek Retreat

For this property, which backs onto the Thornton Creek greenbelt in Seattle, betway中文版添加了一个新的厨房翼楼,以及凉亭和甲板,以创建户外客厅和……

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Lake House Remodel

这是西雅图一个壮观的低岸湖滨地区的现有住宅. One section of the original house is very old and traditional; other later additions were somewhat …

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Hyak Hideaway

It’s been a dream coming. Raised playing in the mountains, this young family bought a property in Hyak, Washington, in the mountains. The house is for playing and year round …

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F.L. Wright Redux

This was an exciting remodel challenge. 这座房子是真正的Frank Lloyd Wright建筑风格,由前华盛顿大学建筑学教授和学生设计和拥有。

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Arboretum Longhouse

这座城市住宅是为一个年轻的家庭设计的,它将随着家庭的发展而发展. The home is arranged in a linear fashion on the …

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这座新后院小屋(DADU -独立附属住宅单元)是最近建成的.  It is 800 square feet with two bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths on the lower …

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