betway中文版设计新家园, remodels and additions through-out the greater Seattle area and the Pacific 西北.  与每个客户密切合作, our goal is to discover and create a personalized dwelling that feeds one’s spirit and is an expression of one’s self.  betway中文版将以人为本的设计理念融入到betway中文版的作品中, 相信“家”有很多东西:静修, 一个避难所, 养育的地方, 和朋友聚会的地方.

betway中文版用这一理念来指导betway中文版的设计, 有各种各样的款式, 仔细留意网站和上下文, 环保责任, 以及betway中文版客户的目标和生活方式. 无论是现代的还是传统的, our mission is to design a timeless home for you that becomes the place you most want to be!


最初建于1913年, 这个迷人的, modest 工匠 home in an old Seattle neighborhood had been “updated” a few times over the decades.  这是一栋具有古典风格的单层房屋。

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Perched like a lookout on a sagebrush plateau with sweeping views of the high desert and big river cutting through it below, 这个当代度假的家是一个宁静的撤退…

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This vintage rambler sits in a 1960’s builder’s subdivision, and had not been touched. Over the years, nearby homes had been torn down and replaced with big box houses, but …

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This charming old farmhouse is home to a young couple with two rambunctious boys who love to garden, 弄脏, 缠着他们的鸡,在外面跑来跑去……

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阅读西雅图时报太平洋NW杂志关于这个家的文章! 我在这个朴素的中世纪漫步者住了几年, 老板们已经对……

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实现了在自家土地上建房的毕生梦想, betway中文版的客户最近搬进了他们在树林里的新家, 四周都是高大的枞树, 蕨类植物……

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This is a full remodel of a modest rambler in Edmonds that we transformed into a Japanese-influenced retirement retreat. The design incorporates aging-in-place and universal design strategies such as no …

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改造这辆50年代的漫步者需要更新主楼层, plus an addition of a 2nd story Master Suite; all designed in a minimalist aesthetic to heighten the lush, retreat-like经验……

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The long-time owners of this humble turn-of-the-century logger’s home were ready for some major work to be done. 他们想让房子与他们乐观的生活方式相匹配,并改变它……

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当betway中文版的客户买了这个漂亮的, 位于西雅图市中心绿树成荫的地段的四平方老宅, 他们知道这将是他们“永远”的家. 它被改造过。

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这是一个60年代经典漫步者的整个房子的改造, 充分利用了它的中世纪根基. Our remodel enhances this much-loved style by clarifying the structural elements, …

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This new home in the San Juan Islands sits on a lovely rural property with low-bank waterfront. The architecture responds to the site: one approaches through the trees to the …

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We were honored once again to work on another Paul Kirk house remodel this last year – this one in the Innis Arden neighborhood just north of Seattle. 中世纪……

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这是一个可爱的老房子,前座可以俯瞰普吉特湾. Built in 1906, it is rich in traditional detailing, but was suffering from that common old-house …

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Given the old-growth beauty of this Bellevue property our remodel focus was to open the house to connect with the exterior as much as possible, 然后打开…

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The challenge here was to design a master suite addition to this 工匠 cottage without overwhelming it. betway中文版选择在后面的车库上面增加,以便保持…

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他们的两个孩子已经完全启动了, our clients decided it was time to leave their 3800sf family home and downsize their daily lives. 他们在……找到了一位谦逊的中世纪漫步者。

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We were honored to work on another classic 西北 home: a mid-century residence by the renowned Paul Kirk. 该住宅建于1957年,面积超过3000平方英尺,包括…

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This new Queen Anne home (the existing house was torn down) faces an expansive view of Puget Sound with an architectural style that is early 1900’s traditional 工匠. 每…

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阅读betway中文版关于这个项目的博客系列! The owners wanted more space from their newly-purchased 1950's home and to maximize the potential of the 180° view, 所以betway中文版加了一个。

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年轻人的家, 活跃的家庭, our intention was to open up the warren of rooms to better accommodate an informal, 家庭生活方式. 一个增加允许一个大的新…

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This new house is designed for two families; the ground floor is an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) for the owner’s elderly parents. 业主将占用上面两层…

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这是典型的, tired old ‘daylight-basement’ rambler that enjoys lovely private territorial views. Capitalizing on the classic modern lines of this 60’s structure, our remodel pares the house down …

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This is a second story addition to what was a tiny, one bedroom house in West Seattle. 新的上层包含一个主人套房和另一间卧室,解放了…

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This whole-house makeover of a typical 西北 rambler has opened the home to the outside through vistas, 庭院, 以及大型连接的开放空间. 店主来自蒙大拿州,想要……

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为这个属性, 在西雅图的桑顿溪绿化带, we added a new kitchen wing as well as arbors and decks to create outdoor living rooms and …

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This is an existing house on a spectacular low-bank lake waterfront site in Seattle. One section of the original house is very old and traditional; other later additions were somewhat …

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这是一个梦想的到来. 在山上玩耍长大, 这个年轻的家庭在Hyak买了一处房产, 华盛顿, 在山里. 房子一年四季都是用来玩的。

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F.L. 赖特回来的

这是一个令人兴奋的改造挑战. The house is a true Frank Lloyd Wright architectural style that had been designed and owned by a former UW architecture professor and student …

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This in-city house was designed for a young family and is phased so it will grow as the family grows. 房子以线性的方式布置在……

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adu & 大都

Maple Leaf DADU This new backyard cottage (DADU – Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit) is recently completed.  公寓面积800平方英尺(约800平方米),有两间卧室,楼下有1-1/2个浴室。

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