什么一年! Covid impacted the residential 建设 market in ways that took many of us by big surprise. After a month of paralysis in March 2020 when the magnitude of the pandemic settled in, 建筑商很快就找到了继续施工的安全方法, and home-owners starting acting on their need to add space to their homes.  需求激增, betway中文版, and even for people building new homes in outer areas now that they foresee working remotely over the long-term. This increased demand along with historically low interest rates has fueled a boom in residential 建设 that doesn’t show any sign of abating any time soon.  但同时, temporary shut-downs of factories and lumber mills in the early days of the pandemic caused a shortage of building materials. This, followed by increased demand on these same materials, has caused a huge rise in costs….最值得注意的是木材成本的极端增长. Availability of materials has also slowed down: factories have slowed production, 而且零件也缺货了, 在施工进度上造成令人沮丧的延误.  

正如你所看到的, lumber prices in our region are now more than double their pre-Covid prices. This has impacted many factions of the home-building industry: not only framing lumber, 但是支持材料, 胶合板, 橱柜, 地板. betway中文版总是被问到“价格什么时候会降下来”?当然,没有人知道. The answer we hear from people we speak to (including the local lumber yards) is that prices only start going down when demand fades – which doesn’t seem to be on the horizon yet.

So once again, here is our annual analysis of rough costs in the home 建设 & 改造世界.  In this blog, we’ll lay out the numbers we’re using for preliminary budgeting these days. 请记住,这些都是非常一般化的. We’re happy to chat with you directly about your particulars as you get started on your design goals. 从事设计和施工多年, we continue to stay on top of current pricing; now that we’re no longer building ourselves, we communicate regularly about costs with the terrific contractors that build our clients’ projects.



建造一所新房子的成本从每平方英尺350美元起. 作为一个骨架, not-much-in-the-way-of-finishes simple structure; to $400/sf + for something the likes of which you see in our portfolio; to $500/sf and (way)up for a house that’s very customized (think glossy magazine homes)…. 当然,在欲望和预算允许的情况下,你可以花更多的钱!

但请注意:每平方英尺(sf)的成本可能非常具有误导性. 考虑顺丰成本有两个非常重要的变量:

1)    Amount of square feet in the scope of work: the larger the project, 顺丰成本往往越低. 昂贵空间的高成本(想想厨房, 浴室)可以用简单的空间来弥补(比如卧室, 餐厅/客厅). 如果你的家很小, 你还得支付厨房和浴室的费用, 但没有那么简单的空间, 所以这个项目的SF成本会更高. 这就是为什么1000平方英尺的大都s如此昂贵.  

2)    The type of contractor you elect to work with: builders come in a range of types and sizes, 有非常不同的成本影响. 非常大的定制住宅承包商有办公室, 支持人员, 项目工程师, 和施工经理, 哪些公司的管理费用要比小公司高. 这些公司专门从事大型建筑, 复杂的项目, 通常建议450美元/平方尺作为起点. A mid-size company will have fewer support/management people – perhaps running 3-5 jobs at a time – and less overhead. 这些公司现在的新建筑平均造价为400美元/平方尺. 在另一端, there is what we call the “tailgate contractor” – a builder who works on the job with another carpenter or two, 在他的卡车外度过他的一天.  这种构建器类型的开销很小或没有, 新装修或大装修的费用最低可达350美元/平方尺. You might think you’ll immediately head towards the least expensive contractor!…but be aware there is more to consider than just cost when selecting a builder. 请参阅betway中文版的博客“选择合适的承包商”,了解更多有关这个主题的内容!



We also look at costs a different way to see the numbers through a different lens:  “component pricing”.  这将空间分解成以下房间类型:

  • 补充:计划约300美元/平方尺. 仅供结构使用,不包括内部浴室或厨房.
  • Kitchens: $100 – 200k for a mid-sized to-the-studs remodel with some spatial reconfigurations, 包括新的石膏板和照明.
  • 浴室:4 - 8万美元,取决于大小和固定设备的数量.
  • 起居区/卧室/非管道改造:如果有新的窗户和装饰, 也许汽车修补涂料层, 还有一些新的照明设备:每个房间的成本可能在50- 7.5万美元之间.
  • 完成一个未完成的地下室:大约175 - 200美元/平方尺. This would include insulating walls, a bathroom, windows, upgrading stairs, etc. 如果你有一个内置橱柜或一个漂亮的洗衣房,那就更多了. 通常在这项工作中,加热/冷却系统和电力需要更新.

2是多少nd 故事 除了成本?

在一层楼的老房子上加二层时, a minimum amount of structural upgrading usually needs to be done to the original house to enable the extra load下载和地震/风荷载-新的上层. And often there is remodeling work on the main floor to provide a new staircase. 通过这些添加的元素, the cost for a Master suite (including bathroom and walk-in closet) usually ends up starting around $300k for the second floor only, and will be higher if there is a lot of remodeling planned for the existing house (see above costs). Of course this cost also depends on the size of the addition; if there are additional bedrooms and a second bathroom, 这样就增加了面积, 所以要为更多的成本做好计划. A full-footprint second floor including a master suite plus two children’s bedrooms and bath, 加上主楼改造, 能很快达到60万美元或更多吗. 



一个要多少钱? 大都成本?

目前的代码限制新的大都的最大值为1000平方英尺. 建造一个这样大小的大都通常至少需要40万美元, 如果网站很有挑战性,通常会更多. The cost is high per sf because the structure contains all the expensive-to-build spaces, 喜欢厨房 & bathroom, within a very small total square footage and no economy of scale.


The rough numbers we’ve laid out above are the CONSTRUCTION COSTS – what you’ll pay a contractor to build the work. 在规划预算时必须考虑其他成本:

  • 10 .建筑营业税.25%在西雅图). The numbers above may or may not include tax – depending on your choice of contractor. IE a less expensive contractor may be able to build for these numbers with tax included; a contractor with more overhead might tell you these numbers don’t include tax.
  • 设计费:按8-15%规划施工费用. Design fees vary from firm to firm, and depend on project type and size. betway中文版按小时收取建筑服务费用. Once we understand the planned scope of work, we can advise on projected fee amount.
  • 结构工程费用, and other consultants as needed: civil and/or geotechnical engineer for new homes or Critical Area sites. 
  • 许可证费用.
  • Large appliances (owners receive the best pricing when they buy their package of appliances from a dealer).
  • Elements of 建设 not readily apparent as you start thinking about the scope: siding patching and painting, hardscaping /绿化等.

希望这能让你对所涉及的成本有个概念. 它是昂贵的, but every single one of our clients has told us that when all was said and done, 他们的改造/新房子工程完全物有所值, 丰富了他们的生活.  这是一个令人兴奋的听到,以及为什么betway中文版喜欢betway中文版所做的!