We usually first meet via an email, a phone call, or an introduction.  We’ll get some basic information about what you want to do – new house? 改造? 附属单位? 大都? Or, maybe ‘Something Else’, like a backyard office?  一个集装箱建筑?

We’ll ask you about YOU, your property, the location, why you like it, and what you want to do. And then we’ll tell you a little about us, our history from way back from when we were swinging hammers to becoming an architect-led design/build company to being an all design architecture firm now.  We’ll talk about your budget. We have this dialogue because we want it to be a good fit! 然后betway中文版将满足.


If you’re building something new, we might meet at your site or in our office.  If you’re wanting to remodel or build a 大都 (detached accessory dwelling unit) we’ll likely meet at your residence.  If that doesn’t work, we can use maps and pictures to find out much of what we need. At this meeting we’ll brainstorm ideas with you, taking into account what you want to do and how you live, 你的具体位置, 无论是在城市里还是在城市外, 你的邻居, 那里有阳光, 风和雨, 或交通噪音, 或湿地, 等. 等. betway中文版还会讨论费用问题. We want to do everything we can so that we are in agreement about your project and on the same page.

Next, starting the design process

The design process is broken down in discrete pieces as we move from general to specific to details.

第一阶段是 设计

This is when we do our due diligence to learn about you and your property and what might affect designs.  We’ll look at plat maps and identify relevant zoning and environmental issues: you might be on a steep slope or a wetland; you might be able to grandfather in some existing nonconforming structure and even build on it;  you might have a reverse corner lot with special rules; 等. betway中文版将回顾许可证历史. We will photograph and measure the property. Basically, we walk through and around studying and learning about your site. We give you our Design Questionnaire that queries you about how you live and what you like so that we can make a design that’s a good fit for you, 和你的家人.  We’ll give you homework too – gather images of what you like and talk to us about it! (don’t worry, we’ll tell you where to find images).

as built architectural drawings for home remodel
下一个是 方案设计

This is when we take all that we have learned and what we know about you and your project, 和探索的想法.  This can be through hand sk等hes and physical models, or computer sk等h drawings and 3D computer modeling – or any combination of these – whatever works to communicate our ideas to you.  We then have a working meeting where we present these ideas to you and get your feedback. There might be one or two or even three ideas. betway中文版来来回回, reworking the design(s) as may be needed, until we arrive at a design that works all around:  it solves the design problem, it is functional and pragmatic, it is beautiful and something you’ll want to look at and live in, it is something that you will be proud of.


Once we’ve arrived at a final design, we upgrade the drawings so that they can be submitted for permit.  This involves adding a lot of additional information such as dimensions, 能源使用, and engineering as needed so that the plan reviewers can determine this meets all the requirements of the code, 包括能源使用, zoning and other life safety items.  计划可以有很多页, 包括场地平面图, 地板上的计划, 海拔高度, 日程安排, 笔记, 等.

Design Development, Specifications & 施工文件

While your project is being reviewed by the appropriate authority, we work with you to select materials and design the interiors – the kitchens, 浴室, 内建, 的地板, the 瓷砖 layouts; we present ideas for material choices, 颜色和纹理.  This means we work to select the windows, 门, plumbing and electrical fixtures, 栏杆, 瓷砖, 地板, 完成, 颜色, 甚至门把手, 内阁铰链, 屏幕颜色, 等. 等. We present our ideas to you; we work with you to make an often overwhelming task reasonable and actually fun!  另外, we are drawing up construction details so that a contractor can build the project, exactly they way we both expect it to be!

We put all this effort into a 报价组 

We collate all this information into a nice neat package for contractors to price and bid.  We evaluate the bids with you. We evaluate the contractors for you. We guide you to select the right contractor, who demonstrates a combination of skills, 良好的价格, 及时性, 个性和可用性.     

During construction we are your agent.  

We make sure the contractor understands and builds the project to a high quality, 使用最佳实践, 按照计划. Contractors like us, but they are not designers.  We have regular site visits, usually with you, the contractor, and subcontractors when needed. betway中文版穿过. We use our considerable construction experience and we note what’s been built well or what might need improvement.  betway中文版解决细节问题. betway中文版甚至可能调整设计. 然后,betway中文版回顾一下日程安排. We review the contractor’s invoices to ensure accuracy. 当它快要完成的时候, with you we create a final “punch list” – the last things to do before it’s yours to live in and enjoy fully!